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Turning my passion into paid employment

2022 saw a decline in many people’s mental health. I’ve lost count with the amount of people I’ve read about that have needed to take time out for themselves, perhaps removing themselves from social media or preferring to spend more time with loved ones. For me, journaling and allowing my creative mind to become unleashed (through the use of blogs) has helped me with the difficult times that I have faced.

My writing was never something I wanted to share initially, however, when I realised that the topics I was writing about could be of interest to others, and showing your vulnerability is not shameful, I wanted others to know about my life. If my writing could help just one person, I was happy to help.

We are always told to do what makes us happy, but sometimes we are caught between a rock and a hard place (as the saying goes), and end up working in a job that we hate in order to pay the bills and afford to live. This was something that I never wanted to have to do, and instead struggled for months, both financially and emotionally, in the hope that I would find my fit. Like the prince in Cinderella and the glass slipper.

Now, I’m not a massive manifester to gain success, but during this time I did find myself being more open towards others and trying to have a positive attitude towards everything (even if I didn’t feel it internally). Little did I know that through this ‘networking and attitude’ I was creating, this would be the ticket towards my next employment. January 2023 saw me taking on a new challenge and a job that I have been striving for years to gain in the Education world. To combine both my Education background and writing is a dream come true!

Without sounding like a cliche, keep plugging away and doing what you are enjoying. Even if at times it feels pointless, and isn’t earning you anything financially. Gain the experience in what you are doing, be positive about it and start to make the networks required to move forwards in the right direction. If nothing comes of it, you have been able to do what makes you happy. We only have one life and this really is our primary goal.

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