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Your Yogi

Online Yoga & 1 To 1 Yoga Macclesfield

 Begin Your Yoga Journey

Welcome to Your Yogi, my independent business providing 1 to 1 yoga sessions in Macclesfield and online sessions enabling you to be involved from the comfort of your home. My mission is to help you create a healthier and happier life through yoga, improving your posture, strength and overall wellbeing through this versatile form of exercise. 

My 1 to 1 yoga in Macclesfield provides tailored instruction for all levels of yogis, from beginners to advanced. There are multiple reasons as to how yoga can aid an individual, whether it's to work on your core strength, focus or posture, improving your energy levels & vitality or to ease pains in the body, incorporating yoga into your life can be endlessly beneficial.

 Improve Your Mind & Body

I am a firm believer that yoga can be a powerful tool for increasing physical and mental health and wellbeing. My customised 1 to 1 yoga sessions are crafted to suit each individual, providing you with a personalised practice unique to your needs and goals. 

From my base in Macclesfield, I offer online yoga classes, an accessible and favourable way to practise yoga from the convenience of your own home. My virtual classes can apply to all levels of yogis, from your first online yoga session to experienced yogis, I can plan sessions tailored specifically to you.  Whether you are looking for a gentle, relaxing exercise or an energising, challenging flow, my classes are inclusive to everyone.


If you are looking for a yoga practice that is tailored to your unique needs and goals, or if you are just looking to explore the world of yoga in a more meaningful way, Your Yogi is where to begin. So come and join me on the mat, and let me help you create a healthier and happier life.


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